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My Up-dated Profile Since Getting In The I.P.S

My Up-dated Profile Since Getting In The I.P.S.; 
(Shall narrate my life prior to that and graphic details of life in service later either through my blog or my biography)
(My earlier posted short profile had some errors in terms of dates and years, hence the need of the updated profile)

 Name;   Shashi Kant  I.P.S.

 Batch; 1977- Punjab Cadre of the Indian Police Service.

Job Profile;

1-     Basic Training Period In I.P.S.; 1977 to 1978

Assistant Superintendent of Police, (under training at National Police Academy Hydarabad)
A-    ; 1978 / 1979
B-    Army Training / Attachment; 1979 / 1980

2-     Postings

A-     Assistant Superintendant of Police, (Punjab Police Academy Phillaur)
Familiarizing Period; 1980

B-    Assistant Superintendent of Police, Patiala; 1981
Looking after law & order / crime in Patiala, Punjab.

C-    A.D.C. to then H.E. the Governor of Punjab for some time. 1981

D-    Superintendent of Police, Faridkot; 1981 to 1982
Looked after the maintenance of law & order/crime in district Faridkot, Punjab

E-    Assistant Director, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India; 1982-1985
Looked after some specific national security matters, also deputed to the P.M.O. for some sensitive operational work. Cover and overt operations at the highest level. Details can not be given because of security reasons. ‘Secondment’ to R&AW & CBI.

F-    Assistant Director, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India, posted as Central Intelligence officer, Madhya Pradesh; 1985-1989
Posted at Bhopal, did exemplary work in various fields concerning the security and stability of the state and and the nation as such. Also worked for the P.M.O.  Operational work. Details can not be given because of security reasons. ‘Secondment’ to R&AW & CBI.

G-    Assistant Director, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs. Govt. of India, posted at Chandigarh, looking after the security matters and operations concerning states of Punjab and Haryana. 1989-1991. ‘Secondment’ to R&AW & CBI.
As A.D. SIB, Chandigarh I was involved in anti-terrorist work in Punjab by way both of collecting intelligence and executing operation plans. Also worked with the PMO. Details can not be given because of security reasons.

H-    Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of External Affairs , Govt. of India; 1991-1992
Looking after the security of Indian Missions abroad and of Indian VVIPs visiting abroad. Successfully helped in drawing and implementing the evacuation plans of Indians stranded in Kuwait and neighboring countries during the Gulf War.

I-      Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. Posted at Chandigarh. Looking after the security matters concerning state of Haryana. 1992
Looked after the security matters, from the national perspective, of the state of Haryana.

J-     Deputy Inspector General of Police, Intelligence, Punjab. Responsible for Collection & Dissemination of Intelligence, maintenance of law & order in Punjab.1992 - 1995
Collecting and collating intelligence having a direct bearing on the law & order situation in the state as also the anti terrorist front. Successfully conduction various operations on anti terrorist side as well. Managing the funds of the intelligence wing of Punjab Police.

K-    Deputy Inspector General of Police, Ludhiana Range, Ludhiana. 1995 - 1996
Maintenance of law & order / crime in the Ludhiana Range, Punjab; consisting of the districts of Ludhiana, Jagraon, Khanna and Ropar.
A field assignment covering all aspects of maintaining law & order in the Ludhiana range consisting of the districts of Ludhiana, Mohali, Jagraon, Khanna and Ropar. Achieved considerable success in anti terrorist and anti smuggling operations. Controlled corruption as well.

L-    Deputy Inspector General of Police, Intelligence, Punjab. Responsible for Collection & Dissemination of Intelligence, maintenance law & order in Punjab. Managing funds of the intelligence wing. 1996- 1997
Collecting and collating intelligence having a direct bearing on the law & order situation in the state as also the anti terrorist front. Successfully conduction various operations on anti terrorist side as well.

M-   Inspector General of Police, Lokpal, Punjab; 1998- 1999
Entrusted with the task of investigation and prosecution in the court of H'ble Lokpal, Punjab, of cases of misdemeanor by the public servants etc.

N-    Inspector General of Police, Provisioning, Punjab. 1999-2002
Maintenance and upkeep of the organizational structure of the Punjab Police.  Looking after the budgeting and procurement side of the Punjab police. Successfully introduced modern and latest weaponry, mechanization as also the modernization plans for the Punjab police. It was the starting of modernization of the force in Punjab.

O-    Inspector General of Police, Intelligence, Punjab. 2002- 2003
Responsible for Collection & Dissemination of Intelligence, maintenance law & order in the state. Collecting and collating intelligence having a direct bearing on the law & order situation in the state as also the anti terrorist front. Successfully conducted various operations on anti terrorist side as well’ besides supervising anti smuggling operations through the counter intelligence and counter terrorism branches.

P-    Inspector General of Police, Zone-1, Punjab, Patiala. 2003- 2004
Responsible for maintenance law & order/crime in the Patiala Zone, in Punjab.
A field assignment covering all aspects of maintaining law & order in Patiala Zone consisting of districts of Patiala, Sangrur, Barnala, Fatehgarh Sahib, Mohali, Ferozepur, Mukatsar, Faridkot and some other districts. Achieved considerable success in anti terrorist, anti corruption and anti smuggling operations.

Q-    Addl. Director General of Police, Operation, Punjab. 2004- 2005
In charge of Elections and Law & order related operations in the State of Punjab.
Ensuring smooth conduct of ongoing operations in Punjab in close co-operation with various Central and Army agencies / outfits. Ensured smooth conduct of the Lok Sabha Elections in the State of Punjab in close co-operation with the Election Commission of India.

R-    Addl. Director General of Police, Security Punjab. 2005 2007
In charge of the Security of State of Punjab.
Managing and successfully ensuring the security of all vital installations and VIPs of the State besides other over all security issues concerning the State. Also became controversial when in accordance with the directions of the Punjab & Haryana High Court, I got removed red lights atop all official vehicles and banned use of dark films on the window panes of vehicles, whether Govt. or private. Management of the budget of the wing.

S-    Addl. Director General of Police, intelligence Punjab. 2007 - 2008
Intelligence, Punjab, Chandigarh.
Revamped the intelligence set up of Punjab Police to meet new challenges both on various home and terrorist fronts. Successfully contained the massive possible repercussions of the Dera Sacha Sauda and other sectarian volatile issues. Also contained the terrorist and pro-terrorist activities successfully besides further activating the anti narcotics wing of the Punjab police. There were commendable successes on this front. Management of the finds of the intelligence wing.

T-    Addl. Director General of Police, Law & Order, 2008
Law & order, Punjab Chandigarh.
Ensuring law & order in the State of Punjab which had witnessed a surge of communal and sectarian violence almost all over the State. Neutralizing the terrorist and pro-terrorist elements which had been making endeavor to indulge in violence. 

U-    Without Posting, 2009
Awaiting posting orders for a month or so. 

V-    Addl. Director General of Police, Internal Vigilances & Human Rights. 2009- 2010
IVC-cum-Human Rights, Punjab Chandigarh.
Checking in house corruption in police and ensuring that the Human Rights and dignity of the population was not infringed upon. Ensuring Human Rights and dignity ensures minimized deviant human behavior. Conducting enquiries for various Human Rights commissions at National and State levels.

W-   Promoted as Director General of Police, (DGP CPO, Punjab, Chandigarh), 2010
Promoted and awaited posting orders for about a month.

X-     Director General of Police, Punjab Home Guards & Civil Defense, 2010
Punjab Home Guards and Director Civil Defense, Punjab, Chandigarh.
Management of the Home Guard Bns. and Civil Defense set up all over the State of Punjab. Formulation and implementation of strategic schemes for various disaster managements. Morale of the force. Deployment of the force for law & orders duties and training thereof. Successfully perused the case regarding higher pay- scales for the home guard jawans, though the final govt orders were issued after my posting out of the department.

Y-    Director General of Police, Armed forces of Punjab, 2010- 2011
Punjab Armed Bns, Jalandhar Cantt.
Composite management of Armed Bns. Including Bullet proofing and fabricating units, Bomb disposal and Allied Teams. Training and deployment for law & order duties. Induction of latest weaponries and tactical strategies. Up keeping the morale of the force. Regulated system regarding the "private funds" and held record number of sports; state, national and even  international events since the P.A.P. head quarters is also the hub of sports activities for the Punjab police. Also successfully implemented a record number of welfare activities including improving medical facilities and getting sanctioned a 30 bedded state of art hospital for the campus. P.A.P. campus roads were done up and new street lighting system installed. New vocational and carrier guidance systems were started. New buildings were also added besides setting up of an astro turf. The narration can go on, but i would like ot sum up saying that in none of these ventures, even a single paisa of the jawan's money or private funds was used. These works were got executed with the help of the governments, Jalandhar Improvement Trust and various N.G.Os.

Z-    Director General of Police, Prisons, Punjab, Sept 2011- June 2012
 It was the most challenging period of my carrier. The Punjab prisons were in a total mess when I took over in September. 2011. There were serious security problems, drug addiction and smuggling thereof. The factories were not working. There were possible cases of HIV+ and AIDS as also sexual abuse. I took up the task of total revamping of prison management and policy system after studying the behavioral and related aspects of prisoners and then brought about suitable structural reforms required for their reforms as also rehabilitation even after the release from prisons.
 I took up the cause of drug addiction within the prisons as also outside with all my vigor which did create ripples in the society. Task of total cutting off the supply of drugs within the prisons was undertaken and drug de-addiction amongst inmates started with the help of the Punjab Health Department, NACO, UNODC and other organizations with excellent and commendable results. Opened drug de-addiction centers in all eight central jails of Punjab. Introduced Prisons administration on co-operative basis with inmates managing their own kitchen, Co-operative stores, Health, Hygiene, Sports, Maintenance of places of worship inside the jails, Libraries and Gyms etc. Several vocational courses were also started. Games were given top most attention with the first ever jail Olympics being organized. Classes of Yoga, Art of living, Health Check-ups were also started with the help from NGOs etc.

Post retirement;

 Retired in June 2012 and joined the core advisory group of Anna Hazare and rose to become one of his top advisor and executors. When Anna decided to move back to his native place in Maharashtra and started disassociating himself with the movement, I joined a national level company as Business Development Advisor to the Chairman and M.D. Worked there for slightly under one year.

I resigned and came back to Chandigarh and Punjab because my anti drug movement had been gaining momentum.

As on date I am considered to be one of the major anti drug and pro human rights activists of the country and I am on the panel of number of bodies and working in close association with several national and international organizations. I am also a blogger and contribute to various journals and papers. I have also been assisting various national and international documentary and film makers. I am an apolitical individual with no alliance with any of the political parties.

I have been also aiding and advising the Drug Control and Anti Drug Agencies of a number of countries. Often I wonder why such agencies of Punjab and of India hesitate and shy away from taking my help despite the fact that I have been assisting these Anti Drug Authorities of some countries free of cost and only as a honourary and unofficial adviser. .

Future Plans;

I intend continuing with my current profile till my death, either natural or unnatural, that is either dying a natural death of falling pray to the bullets and machinations of assassins belonging to or hired by any of such political parties which have been feeling threatened on account of my anti-drug campaign which has adversely affected their 'economic prospects', that is money making by way of indulging in smuggling of narcotics; opium derivativespharmaceuticals or synthetic drugs besides Cocaine, the latest entrant in Punjab.

Drug smuggling in and from Punjab has since captured international attention and a number of political leaders across the spectrum are feeling threatened. a number of officials of Punjab police, who do not mind licking the butts of such politicians are also mighty cut up. but who the hell bothers for them. I know my way and shall go on alone. Hardly any one has the guts to come and standby me and i do not care less.


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