Monday, 6 June 2016

A Disastrous ‘Limped’ Forward March

A Disastrous ‘Limped’ Forward March

Having successfully limped back from a holocaust in 1993, Punjab, is once again inching towards yet another cataclysm, which may turn out to be more catastrophic as compared to any of innumerable tragedies that Punjab has witnessed do far. No, I am not going to talk about Militancy, Drugs, Cancer, Female Feticide, Rising Unemployment, Gangs of Punjab, Corruption, Capturing and Grabbing of Natural Resources of Punjab by a few, Mis-governance, Rights of Punjab on its Waters, Electricity, Land, Granary etc. Everyone in the world knows and is worried about it; except of course, Punjabis themselves who and whose leaders raise and refer to these issues only on the eve of an election, big or small and then go back into hibernation.
Here I am talking about the economic exploitation of Punjabis by their own brethren, by political Abdalis. Yes I am referring to politicians in general; leaches who are stuck on the carcass of the Punjabi leviathan. After having sucked the blood of Punjabi society they are still leeching on to its dead body, trying to eat whatever flesh remains. These suckers come in all possible colours, shades, clothes and head-gears. They all want Punjabi sculls to play ‘kickball’ with.

Most of the ‘deviant kind of’ Punjabi politicians come from humble back grounds, either their own or of their dads or grand dads. Over a period of time, they ‘did’ great and became millionaires, even billionaires. Some of the ‘super lucky’ now own fortunes in India and even all over the world, either in their own name, but mostly in ‘benami’. ‘Vote catching’ verbal diarrhea of the present national government to bring so-called black money back to country and of unearthing ill-gotten properties of politician and politico-tycoons has fallen flat because several of their own men also exist in the list of such leeches who have sucked the blood of gullible.

Talking of Punjab, several of Punjabi diaspora have been scared of coming back fearing that their ‘shareeks’ / politicians of one colour or creed may grab their property with the help of police. Shareek is a dreaded word used for such of close relatives who become sharks over a time period, all set to grab the properties of such of their close relatives with whom their blood has turned white. The split rate has been 60: 40, sixty percent for shareek and forty to be divided between police and politician concerned. In case of lucrative properties the ratio reverses. Shareek gets forty percent or less in cash and entire property either goes to concerned politician or officials; police or civil, property dealers included, whosoever is more powerful. NRIs are threatened implication in one case or other, generally planting of ‘chitta’, that is smack or any other psychotropic drug / substance. Spinning fabricated ‘rape / molestation’ cases is also common. Several police / civil officials, property dealers and politicians are known to have a ready-made ‘harem’ of such gullible women who are lured into business.

Up and high mortals living and breathing on this land called Punjab, have often been forced into ‘partnerships’ with powerful politicians giving up 30-50% share for ‘protection’, which then empowers them to do their business their own way for the ‘protected can do no wrong’.
Still ‘lesser and lower mortals’, have to be ‘pleased to give up their property’ just at the askance of the powerful; ‘politician, gangsters, police, civil’ officials tribe or face ‘consequences’. They are supposed to be always ‘pleased’ like a governor or even presidents’ who always stay ‘pleased’, even while signing death warrants. Lesser mortals of ‘riff-raff, have no right to be displeased, even while giving up their womenfolk to this category of swine.

This kind of exploitation which has been going on in a ‘democratic, free and peaceful’ Punjab since early nineties is forcing people to an edge, towards a revolution against such despotic politicians. I fear for some of such despots who, in not very distant future, may see and face the wrath of masses. No amount of armed protection would, then save them. This category of Machiavellian politicians have probably forgotten the famous warning of Machiavelli not to touch either the property or women folk of subjects.

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