Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Kashmir Today…

Knee-jerk policies of Government of India on Kashmir continue to shock me as they are likely to further escalate the problem there. I am equally surprised, rather shocked, that today the Central Government chose to go in for of the SAD way of controlling ‘undesirable’ elements who ‘do not fall in line’. Yes, the favourite way of the alliance partners of the BJP in Punjab, is either the withdrawal of security or the threat there of, to contain such ‘undesirables’. Plan of the Government of India to either withdraw or ‘review’ the security of some hardliner Kashmiri leaders is a deplorable decision. For a terrorist nothing is sacrosanct and they utilise all possible ways to escalate tensions and mayhem; whether it is an attack on their own sacred and holy places or killing of their own vulnerable leaders who have popular or mass base. Any of these two treacherous methods, besides several others, can instantly fuel the fire which can’t be extinguished. These sick methods are employed by terrorists all over the world and if the Government of India thinks that they can’t or won’t be employed by militants and terrorists in Kashmir then they are living in a fool’s paradise.

Watching Barkha Dutts’s documentary on Kashmir on the NDTV today, reinforced my conviction that Indian Political Parties and the Political System is the root cause, not only of the current crisis in Kashmir but all over the country, which god forbid, I fear, is very gradually but consistently moving towards disintegration. These parties generally work in diametrically opposite direction, which are disastrous. I am not the one to live in the past because it can’t be undone. Whatever has happened has happened. Instead of crying over split milk one should try to do the damage control. This is one lesson which any of the Indian political parties will never learn.

Government of India will have to take some gutsy steps to minimise the damage, which can’t easily be undone. BJP has lost credibility in Kashmir, as elsewhere, not only amongst minorities but even amongst the saner civilians on account of stupid mad meaningless controversies and debates on a wide range of issues; right from singing of Vande Mataram to Hinduism to what constitutes Nationalism to Gau Mata to all those immense array of issues which have been raked up in a mindless manner.  They have only given an impetus to anti national sentiments and Pakistan as also its fanatic, yet committed, elements have been grinning at our buffoonery. We ourselves have been creating mindless centrifugal and fissiparous forces.

The ‘meaningless and failed act’ of our Prime Minister in trying to emerge as a world level statesman has, unfortunately, also hastened the process. Instead of concentrating on internal issues, he is acting more like a foreign minister, in his uncalled for bid to emerge as a world leader. He is not only failing but is also bound to finally fail in this act and the Indian history will be testimony to that. He should instead act more like the other legendary Gujrati, Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel. He should act more like a minister for ‘pan India internal affairs’. He should act more like Atal Bihari Bajpai. I do not know what was the compulsion for go to Islamabad, on his way back from Afghanistan, to greet Nawaz Shareef. It was more of dramatics. If he is really a statesman then he should have known that Nawqaz Shareef is more like a football and being kicked at by different entities in Pakistan, from the Pak Army to ISI, to terrorists to a section of Maulanas and Ulemas out there.

I am not an expert on international affairs but as a lay man, I think that India needs to break off diplomatic relations, if not go in for a full fledged war, with Pakistan which is fuelling fire in Kashmir. President of India also needs to dismiss J&K Government. President’s rule is not being imposed there only because BJP happens to be an alliance partner there. It is disgraceful. Politicization of Kashmir by political parties as also by media needs to be stopped forthwith. Rename J&K as JK&L, Jammu Kashmir and Laddakh to ensure territorial distinction. Entire Kashmir is not ravaged; more affected areas are some districts of South Kashmir. Kashmir does not have only Sunni Muslims, it has fair amount of Shia population as well. The Government needs to announce general amnesty to youth accused either of stone pelting or of criminal offences except manslaughter and attempts thereof etc.

As to remedies, we need to think out of the box. Constitution has accorded special status to Kashmir under article 370; so why interfere in their day today affairs. Non Political Local bodies of civilians and not of politicians should run day today administration within the free work of the Indian Constitution. Political parties and religious leaders are generally the ones who are vitiating the atmosphere there. These local bodies of Kashmiris are most likely to succeed with the help of state police which is demoralised and feels subservient to the army and para military organisations. Kashmiris have to be given all rights ate freedoms which are accessible to the citizens of India as such. And yes no Pellet or Chilli guns please. Link up of Kashmir with POK also need to be ensured.

Many more steps can be thought of.

Diplomatically it needs to be pondered whether Pakistan and China will ever agree to release the areas of erstwhile United Kashmir which are now forcibly occupied by them. If Kashmir yearns for Azadi then it has to be total, and not partial. India can't let Kashmir to go under subjugation either of Pakistan or China. But again another issue to be ensured by world powers is that Kashmir can't be permitted to become another hot-bed for the ISIS.

Lastly, with reference to the entire country as such, it is about time India is given a totally new face life in the form of a true Federation. The days of Unitary or Quasi Unitary forms of government and governance are over.

Long live India along with all its Citizens and its Constituent States...

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