Thursday, 16 March 2017


Dear Capt Amarinder Singh, Sir

Heartiest congratulations to you and to your party which has since ushered in a new era of hope for the state of Punjab.

Having been in the government service both in the Center and the State and having served (on attachment from the parent organisation to which i had been serving on deputation) three Prime Ministers of the country, I understand that enormity of your task as the incumbent Chief Minister of a state which is bankrupt, whose primary resources like state properties have been sold, whose natural resources like water, forest land, sand, gravel etc have been mercilessly plundered; whose public property including road transport, electricity, industry, to name a few have been misappropriated; a state whose coffers are empty; a state where a significant percentage of populace, particularly youth are addicted to narcotic substances; a state whose officials, civil and police included, are ridden with the scrooge of corruption in its worst possible form.

While wishing you the very best of luck and knowing that you will be choosing the best possible team and will bring Punjab back on its feet, I Shashi Kant, who has single handedly been fighting against the scrooge of drugs and fighting for various aspects of Human Rights, the very basic Natural Right of the entire humanity; since 2007, unconditionally offer my wholehearted services to you.

I am sure that I will be able to help, on howsoever minuscule mangitude it may be, to fulfil your promise to the state of Pounjab to
eradicate the drug menace, it its entirety, from Punjab.

It will necessarily include cutting the chain of supply, identification of drug dons in all spheres; social, political, police, civil etc etc.

As also creating awareness, and ensuring all preventive steps on which I have also been assisting the Hon'ble Punjab and Haryana High Court as well.

The over all package, in short...

And unconditionally...

At last I would like to submit that way back in 2012 I had made this offer to the earstwhile Chief Minister as well. Now that you are in position, you get that letter located from the records of the office of the Chief Minister.

Sir, I also request you to get the list of major drug Lords of Punjab which was prepared by the intelligence wing way back is 2007, located from the records of the intelligence wing.

It may be a somewhat difficult task because the officials of the intelligence wing had been, on account of political pressures, filing wrong and motivated affidavits in the courts of law denying the existence of the list on file. If it's gets surfaced then they will have to face the charge of perjury.

I have no problems giving out the major names which existed in that list as also the names of the officials of the team which had prepared that list

Worst coming to worst you can order preparation of a fresh list and ordering crackdown

Once again offering my services,


Shashi kant

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