Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Curtains finally down on Pathankot

Curtains finally down on Pathankot

Curtains finally appear to have been drawn on Dina Nagar and Pathankot incidents. Once again wily politicians successfully bring shame to the country by bullying yet another so-called premier national security agency. After having reduced CBI to a farce, they politicized the Intelligence bureau, all branches from A to Z and their subsidiaries included. Not too recent formation of the NIA, had given some hope to the country. But that also appears to have almost been washed off.
During their recent visits to Pathankot to probe the national shame, some investigators of the agency are learned to have admitted pressure to bail out certain politicians of Punjab and their accomplices. They are learnt to have admitted that their orders are only to probe the ‘Pathankot air base attack’ and to give the part concerning politicians-terrorist (through smugglers)-officials nexus, a total go-by. They appeared to be in low morale. Senior officials of the rank of DIG, both of the Intelligence Bureau and R&AW are also known to have visited Pathankot on more than one occasions only to bury the open secrets down in their heavy ‘Secret’ and ‘Top Secret’ files.
And now, keeping in view forthcoming state assembly elections scheduled to be held in the beginning of 2017, focus is on to white-wash Punjab and polity thereof. Recent war of words between a minister of Goa and Sukhbir Badal, the ‘alert and agile’ de’jure Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab, who is in fact the de’facto Chief Minister, was the triggering point. Both of them had accused each other of having the dubious title of being the ‘drug state’.
Consequently only yesterday the Punjab police announced its hilarious anti drug policy announcing that it will adopt a ‘zero tolerance policy against drug menace’. This policy accompanied the news that a twelve year child of Sundar Nagar locality of Hoshiarpur district had killed his ten year old friend because the latter had allegedly not been ‘judiciously and equally’ sharing an inhaling drug with him which they had been purchasing the Dutch way. In Punjab seeing a drug addict aged ten onwards is no big deal. Of course it is a different thing that neither the State Government nor its machinery, police included, is ‘aware’ of this open secret writ large all over the state in bold letters.
Under this new anti drug policy, the Punjab police intend to ‘map’ the entire state to ascertain the areas where drugs might be available. Knowing my ex friend Sukhbir Badal, well, I know that this instruction has come from him because ‘mapping’ is one of his favourite and pet words. But the million dollar question is how come the Punjab government and its police agencies were till now, not aware of the fact which is known the world over. Were they into a drug induced sleep themselves? Why they could not just dig into the list of top drug smugglers of the state, which was compiled by its own intelligence wing in 2007, under my directions. They could have taken it out, updated it and rolled heads of some top guys, some ministers included. Then what had prevented them from exposing some top politicians of Gurdaspur after Dina Nagar happened? Why did the Punjab government allegedly pressurized its alliance partners to desist from exposing the politicians-terrorist (through smugglers)-officials nexus in Punjab which was more than obvious in Pathankot. Why did they bring shame to the NIA and fuelled resentment and demoralization amongst whatever number of sincere, honest and earnest officials it has? And lastly why did they ensure curtains on both of the shameful incidents where terrorist walked in merrily with the help of their sleeper cells existing and thriving on account of the nexus?

Will the Prime Minister of India,  by the way, at least like to mention about it all in his ‘Man Ki Baat, if not keen on taking the required action in national interest?

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