Tuesday, 9 February 2016

NIA Needs To Answer

NIA Needs To Answer

Never had the credibility of any of the national security agencies of India touched as low as that of the NIA, in the recent days. Dinanagar and Pathankot have exposed it. It appears that either it consists of not so 'bright' officers taken on loan from other sister agencies or the security / police agencies.

My own decade’s long experience in the police and 'security agencies' indicates that normally certain specified categories of officials like to go out for such assignments. In the first category come officials who are declared ‘PNG’; persona non grata, that is the guys whom the parent states or agencies do not want to see working within because of one reasons or the other and these reasons generally include ‘undesired activism’, that is, to being so upright that they become an unwanted and undue hindrance in the 'smooth' working of the hierarchy. The next category includes those officials who want to live a 'peaceful life' and to look after their families. Yet another category includes those who are do dumb that no one wants them. The last and most deadly of the category includes those who are really ambitious and thus want to remain in the 'scorching proximity of centers of power and aiming at good post retirement benefits and cushy postings. In other word, they include, ‘all the minister’s men, the yes men. And our NIA which was created in a rush appears to be no exception.

In the contest of Punjab, one fails to understand the very reason why NIA had not intervened in the Dinanagar case of terrorist attack. Being the primer national security and investigative agency they did not require a written invite from the host state of our Indian Punjab on a saffron piece of paper. It was no wedding party. There were clear tell tale signs of an inside job, including sleeper cells, drug smugglers and certain politicians belonging to some particular party. It is a well known fact that a well oiled politician-drug smugglers-police / security mechanism has been going immensely good, for themselves, in Punjab. My question to the NIA is why the hell it did not intervene and at whose behest?

And exactly the same thing got a repeat performance in Pathankot. It is not, as much, relevant if the terrorists came via Ujh River and went on to Khooni Naala or they came in through Simblescole on Tarna River. Question is how they sneaked in and with whose help?  Who sheltered them in the first instance and who all helped them traversing through the entire length up to Pathankot air base and who helped them crossing over the periphery wall and who all sheltered them within the air base? There are innumerable questions but no answer. Names of certain politicians and their henchmen are doing rounds but who bothers?

These terrorists were men like us and not super humans who could do all this ferrying along with a killing load of arms and ammunition on their shoulders.

Come on NIA, don't shame the country by playing games at the behest of certain politicians. History of your organization is being written and the entire world is watching. Don't bring shame to the country...

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