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“Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” AAP Delhi, don’t ignore Punjabis from Punjab…

“Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

AAP Delhi, don’t ignore Punjabis from Punjab…

I have met Kanwar Sandhu, the celebrated journalist and intellectual, only twice in my life time. But I have high regards for this gentleman who has been the resident editor of The Hindustan Times for quite some time. I have heard people only talking good about him, which by itself should be considered a feather in his cap; er I mean his pagg (despite his being in the AAP), given the human nature where one is in love with no one but oneself only. Yeah, I am talking about this narcissist ‘dunia’.

In one of my blogs, a couple of days or so, ago, I had expressed my doubt about his day today accessibility to the AAP High Command in Delhi. Coming in that background I was not really surprised by Kanwar Sandhu’s status on the Face Book which I saw this morning. It read…

‘Tohra's hasty induction
I wish I had known about Harmail Singh Tohra's involvement in the unfortunate attack on AAP MP, Dr Dharamvir Gandhi in 2014 Lok Sabha polls. I would have opposed his entry. Now this person must publicly apologize for his role in the attack. Besides, he should prove that he is committed to AAP's strategy before being made a candidate for any polls. Obviously, we need to be more careful in inducting people left and right and broad-base the screening process for the same.’

This status took me back by a few months when some of my friends had tried to put me in touch with Durgesh Pathak, the wonder kid of AAP Delhi who is here to ‘set / revive’ (I do not know which one of the two is more appropriate word) AAP in Punjab for AAP in Delhi. He had bluntly refused to talk to me even on the phone. No issues. I am an ordinary man. After having left AAP way back in 2014 itself, I, a politically disoriented man, had decided not to join any political party throughout the remainder of my life. Not that I am not politically oriented because all of us have inclination in favour of one party or the other and we do cast our votes as such. It is just that I do not want to remain gagged in any way. While in service I was gagged by rules of conduct, at home I am gagged by rules set up by my wife, in society I am gagged by so called ridiculous set of social rules and regulations. I do not to want add on to my agony by once again getting gagged by the stupid conduct rules of any political party. Yeh mat karo, woh mat karo. Yahan jhoot bolo, wahan janta ko moorkh banaao. All utter nonsensical things.

Oh, my apologies for having diverted from the topic. Do excuse me for that. I am not getting younger day by day and advancing age does bring in its own share of getting senile.

I just wanted to say that Kanwar Sandhu’s ‘Face Book Status’ reminded me of a play which I had read ‘centuries back’ (time gone by looks like centuries). This was a famous play by Edward Albee, way back in 1962. The name of the play was “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?This play was about breakdown of the marriage of a middle aged couple, Martha and George who had a bitter and frustrated relationship and both of them were busy playing dangerous and foul emotional games with each other. I got reminded of this play because as on date apparently strained relationship between ‘outsider AAPians’ and ‘home grown AAPians’ is the topic of discussion even amongst common ‘riff-raffiers’ like me. The marriage between the two is apparently running into rough weather and both are trying emotional blackmail on each other.

Way back in 2013 when AAP Delhi was trying to establish AAP Punjab, a substantial chunk of ‘brave hearted’ populace of Punjab had just jumped on to the ‘nihilistic’ ideology and philosophy of Arvind. They took risk and worked zealously spending their own hard earned money hoping to usher in a new era in torn, looted and ravaged Punjab. Unfortunately for them, their dreams were torn apart the way certain candidates were air dropped out of nowhere. The old volunteers were shattered on one hand and hounded by the administration, on the other. Again, ‘talking of the present tense’ the same set of old volunteers continues being ignored, only and may be because they have a mind of their own. When AAP Delhi had started inducting intellectuals like Kanwar Sandhu and outstanding journalists like Chander Suta Dogra and Manpreet Randhawa, to name only a few, one thought that things were going to be set alright. But again, it appears that they are also in the process of sidelined, like other established politicians of AAP in Punjab; like Sucha Singh Chotepur, Sukhpal Khaira etc. Blocking the entry of individuals like both the Navjots and both the Bains brothers (of Ludhiana) also sent negative vibes.

Leadership of AAP Delhi should realize that they are not sending correct signals in Punjab. They can’t succeed by retaining only ‘outsiders’ or those of ‘insider’ Punjabis as their representatives, who are not likely to take a stand in front of the AAP Trimurti. Punjabis are a martial race. They are second to none. They don’t tolerate second rung treatment. They should not ignore ‘enlightened’ Punjabis from Punjab. The target of Arvind is Delhi 2019. If Punjabis feel that they are being taken on a ride, then results can be disastrous in 2019.

About time Arvind and his friends start taking note of blunt advice of their well wishers and mend their ways.

We all want ushering in of a new era not only in Punjab but in the country as such.

Please don’t re-enact the play ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’. Try to save the marriage.

Don’t embitter your relations with Punjab and home grown Punjabis…

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