Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Games behind the High Corridors of Power; Part 1

Games behind the High Corridors of Power; Part 1

Machiavelli died long back, Machiavelli lives on for ever

Hail Machiavelli

As an avid reader of political theory, I have been in love and hate relationship with Niccolo Machiavelli. My first reading of ‘The Prince’ (‘II Principe’), decades ago evoked feelings of contempt and despise for the writer and I wondered how one could steep so low and be so ruthless, cold blooded, calculative, amoral and totally devoid of normal human values. But later when I joined police and various top intelligence services and worked in scorching proximity to the high seats of power, I realised that the ideals and vision of Machiavelli were to live forever since they were based on hideous, yet truthful facts about human nature and how they could be and for that matter; have, are and will continue being utilised by politicians and rulers of all possible colours, creed and ethnicity the world over, since the very dawn of the so-called ‘human civilisation’. His practical political vision, thought and gospel has been and shall always remain the handbook of each and every politician, budding as also those who have reached the very pinnacle of so-called success.

I intend to write some notes here, on my blog, off and on, about the unethical practices and games being played, off the stage, by political who is who all over, yes, all over. I am not and shall not be referring to any one in particular or even pointing out at someone for I am no one to sit on judgement on anybody. As usual, my writings shall be general and without any malice for any one either in general or in particular. I shall just be referring to the deceit and filth all over.

As several states of our country are surging ahead towards elections in near or distant future and an uneasy calm prevails in certain other states, one wonders what the hell, various political and administrative / bureaucratic / police / intelligence agencies are doing. As I know them all, they must be just busy helping and serving themselves as also their modern day Machiavellian bosses; ostensibly perpetrating their rule and making sinister plans about how to manipulate whatever they both have, on the platter.

Of all these above mentioned agencies, I think, the intelligence agencies of various states must be the busiest ones as on date. Normally and in most of the states their first task must be to draw out latest assembly profiles of their respective states, that is complete ‘mapping’, keeping in view the demographic and caste based profiles as also the swings and ‘factors’ during previous elections, identifying village/ block / ward level issues which can be ‘exploited’, identification of local ‘bahu-balies’ along with their strengths and weaknesses on account of which they could be ‘manipulated (read black-mailed). This exercise normally starts about a year before impending elections and is supposed to be completed in about four to five months of time. Then comes the next task, that is identification of possibly new faces to replace the ‘useless’ ones, followed by commencement of the real ‘on the ground arm twisting’ and ‘touching / patronising of the vote bankers’, making ridiculous promises to lure them. In this later ‘holy task’, officials across the spectrum and belonging to all sundry services also ‘make their contribution’ on the basis of the areas where they belong to or where they are working or wherever they might be having their spheres of influence. 

 The reward of their ‘contribution’ is a promise of a ‘cushy posting’, which seldom comes for each of them. Only favoured ones are obliged. Whereas the intelligence officials, there after clandestinely remain busy conjuring various studies, reports, assessments, analysis and reflections for the ruling bosses; array of other officials get busy trying to ensure that local vote banks and ‘bahu-balis’ remain in preparedness. It is not that all the earlier mentioned officials work only for the ruling groups. Most of them play sly double game trying to keep all prospective political heavyweights in good humour. Only hard core supporters out of the lot side openly.

The last and final stage comes as and when the ‘Gandhian Election Commission of India’ announces the election schedule. This is the time for commencement of free for all election oriented exercises, though on sly, by officialdom across the spectrum. This is also the time when officials of various hues start herding industrialists, colonisers, mafia of all sorts, lesser officials and even private individuals and NRIs towards their political bosses; each of them carrying varying weights of money bags as their ‘contribution’ towards the election funds. Needless to say that most of the herding officials also make hay while the sun shines.

And then a few days before the elections, ‘commission’s observers’ descend. They are showered great ‘hospitality’ which is accepted only by a few of them. Attempts however continue to ‘win them over’. Several government and security vehicles with flickering beacons atop get busy carrying huge amounts of money, drugs and intoxicants for ‘free distribution’ in various constituencies. In certain cases even the vehicles of the ‘observers’ have also been used though without their knowledge. Of course by this time ample stocks of currency, alcohol, opium, opium husk, ganja and drugs of all types; opiates, pharmaceutical and synthetics are already be in position in all vulnerable areas. And so are the stocks of refrigerators, mo-bikes, washing machines and electronic and electrical items. Different types of slips indicating the amount / item to be given to the holder are also printed and kept ready for distribution. 

Delivery of such branded items is normally made from authorised depots and fake receipts from previous dates utilised. Drugs, contraband and money are distributed from designated places on the basis of such slips or on the basis of a phone call or word of mouth.

Final check is made about the hoodlums hired for the ‘booth capturing’.

Then on the designated date, the ‘real ground level electoral process’ of the greatest democracy in the world, commences and is carried out in total perfection...

Long live Machiavelli and Machiavellian Plans…

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