Friday, 29 July 2016

Open letter to Arvind Kejariwal

Open letter to Arvind Kejariwal

Hi Arvind,

To start with, my apologies for addressing you by your name and not by your honourfic official title of being the Chief Minister of Delhi. This is because instinctively I vibe well with humans while generally being at daggers drawn with politicians. And I see you as a friend.

I am not sure if my name rings a bell in your mind. Well, my name is Shashi Kant. As a police officer, I had good luck of serving the people of India in various capacities both in the Government of India as also in Punjab for close to about four decades. Several politicians of different shades, in both the places, also had the misfortune of working with me. Well, not all were ‘seedy’. A few, including some prime ministers, were people with a vision, though they too were sometimes taken for a ride by their sycophants.  Anyway all this is neither here nor there because I am happier after getting out of the service and in my present role as a Civic and Human Rights Activist, more precisely as an Anti Drug Activist, a role in which I have taken Drug Lords including some top politicians and officials across the spectrum, by their horns. Literally I am a BULL IN THEIR CHINA SHOP.

Well, now coming straight to the point, that is, the reason of writing this open letter to you. Today July 30th, I came across your statement issued in Amritsar where you had gone in connection with a ‘defamation case’. I know the causes and reasons because of which these ‘defamation cases’ are filed. I am also facing several on the same ground on which you, Sanjay, Ashish etc are also facing, that is the drug issue of Punjab. Punjab has several issues of its own and all are of utmost importance, but the Drug issue has become particularly important as on date because there is hardly any family in Punjab which is not suffering on this count. Take this issue by its horns and no one can prevent your party from coming in to power in Punjab and once your party is in saddle, you can address to all other issues. Navjot Singh Sidhu may be an asset though several in your party are not inclined in his favour.

I shall also be happy to share the names of top drug lords of Punjab who are hiding behind their masks across the spectrum; political, social, bureaucratic, police / security as also some of the law implementing authorities. Subject a few of them to interrogation and throw them behind the bars, like you threatened someone in a certain case and see the result for yourself. Subject certain officials of the Punjab police, its intelligence wing included and some guys working in the CMs secretariat and the Home Department and see how the lists / dossiers and files of drug barons and their accomplices spring out of nowhere. I offer to standby you all, but without joining your party.

I am no politician and have had no wish to be one or of even aligning with any of the political parties. Yes, I had dared to join your own party some years ago, at the insistence of Sanjay Singh and H. S. Phoolka, and later of Yogendra Yadav, but it was a disastrous decision, a night mare. I did it because both Sanjay and Phoolka had stood by me when Punjab police had made an abortive attempt to kidnap me from my house in Chandigarh and these two gentlemen were with me, the same evening. But later I was bayoneted by elements belonging both to Yogendra and your own groups. Yogendra and his protégé Sumail Sidhu kept demolishing and insulting me through their men including Kultar and Kheta Singh, besides others. I tolerated only because I thought that I was standing for a cause epitomized by you, yourself. Then came Jarnail Singh from your camp, out of nowhere, harpooning and trying to lynch me, sometimes even using Manish and Raghav, who probably hardly knew what all was going on, but were used none the less.. This was the time when I saw treacherous political games being played at me and by a political group with which I had dared to identify myself; very same games which I had been witnessing being played by war lords of the political arena all over the country. I did not feel like telling you because by this time meeting you required strenuous effort and I love being lazy in this particular exercise. I never met or tried to meet anyone, on my own, not even the Prime ministers, for a few of whom I had worked, the chief ministers or others, including the mighty Chiefs of the I.B., R&AW, C.B.I. or even of my own Punjab Police. Nevertheless, I kept working whole heartedly and zealously for your political set up, without raising any voice and then got sick & tired and decided to call it a day and work wholeheartedly for ‘my cause, the self ordained anti drug mission’.

Having succeeded in my mission in Punjab I am now working in several other states. I am a one man army, singing Robindro Nath Tagore’s ‘Ekla Chalo Re Bondhu’ and working for my mission.

Whosoever needs my help on anti drugs cause is welcome. BUT NO POLITICS, ‘BONDHU’…

Go succeed in Punjab, Arvind, it appears to be yours now. But a word of caution, do not let anti social elements particularly drug dealers hiding behind their masks, to join your brigade. They are trying to do so and desperately…

It will not only be disastrous for you but will mean curtains…

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