Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Move over ‘D Company’, ‘A’ Company is moving in…

Move over ‘D Company’, ‘A’ Company is moving in…

Recently I met with some foreign diplomats currently serving in Islamabad, Pakistan. The meetings were one to one and they all ‘appeared’ decent and straightforward. Perhaps the ostensible purpose of meeting me was to probe about the Drug Mafia operating from Punjab. I fail to understand how come a substantial number of people in India, as also abroad are under the illusion that I am ‘know all’, as far as drugs and their smuggling in and from India is concerned. Anyhow, my pre-condition of meeting with all of them, as usual, was that it had to be a two way free flowing conversation and that I also wanted to be benefited with the talk.

To sum up, their part of narrative was varied and immensely interesting. These meetings confirmed my information that smuggling of drugs through India had initially started way back in mid nineteen eighties and that it was with the active connivance, backing and support of the dreaded ISI. Listening to the word ‘dreaded’, as used by some of them, while referring to the ISI, was a bit of surprise because it meant that even the Whites, at least a section there of, are also in awe of the ISI. I am referring to this in particular because in course of the talk, names of Indian intelligence agencies also cropped up and they referred to them in a completely normal strain as if they did not consider them, the Indian agencies, as potent enough. Interestingly they also confirmed that the ISI is still supporting and backing the pumping-in of drugs into India, though it is no longer as directly involved as it was in the past. The task of drug smuggling has since been ‘handed over’ to the powerful local Mafioso gangs who are ‘wholly’ supported by the ISI, the Army and local Politicians. Though many of the latter category are directly involved in the trade, officials of the ISI and the Armed forces are getting their massive cuts and walking merrily to their banks abroad.

Dawood Ibrahim, who, when in Pakistan, lives in different palatial places at various places, more particularly Karachi, which probably reminds him of ‘Bombay’ and in Islamabad under the direct protection of the Pakistani army, has had been having his finger in the pie of drug smuggling. I was told that he is fast becoming a recluse and has not been keeping well. Though rumours about his not being well have been floating around for some time but still I was mildly surprised at this confirmation because he is only about sixty years old (born December 4, 1955). I was further told that on account of his not being well, his entire extended family, which is indeed massive in size, is badly divided on the issue of inheritance and ‘legacy’. Immense palace intrigues are on. The higher echelon of his gang members who are living all over India, Middle East and some European countries is also ‘hyper’. Diplomats claimed that Dawood Ibrahim is in grave danger on this count and is probably still alive owing to the patronage of the ISI and the Pakistani Army, who are getting their liberal cuts from his ‘business empire’.

In December 2015, speculations were rife about a gala gathering which was supposed to be held to celebrate his sixtieth birthday at some undisclosed place in which all his family members and other ‘high profile’ guests were to be invited. In a style reminiscent of Bollywood movies, here in this gathering he was supposed to announce his succession plans. But, I was told that this event was not held  because of his very ill health which, speculatively is on account of the tensions and anxieties which a gangster of his stature may rightly have. Yes, a ‘fair deal’ is being cut out for the benefit of his children and brothers and their families. Incidentally the recluse dreaded Don is also facing a ‘reformatory influence’ in his life. It is in form of a subtle pressure from his son Moin, a devout Muslim and daughter Mahrukh, to abandon the nefarious gangster’s ways of life. They are supported by Don’s wife Mehjabeen and the other daughter Sania. All his children are married and are likely to inherit a good chunk of Don's properties, cash and some of his ‘legitimate’ businesses.

Of his three brothers who are alive and are with him, Humayun and Mustaqeem have not been very active. This leaves the deck clear for Anees who along with Don’s trusted lieutenants has now been running day to day operations and may succeed the Don. His other brothers are also likely to be liberally compensated.

So goes on the life of one of the most dreaded gangsters of the present day world.

And from our point of view, the dreaded ‘D Company’ is making way for the ‘A Company'.

Move over Dawood, Anees is coming over...

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