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Request for in-depth investigation in to the drug smuggling racket which has led to unknown, yet massive, number of deaths in the region. Verbal orders of the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court in CWP No. No 20359 of 2013 (O&M) refer.

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The Deputy Inspector General of Police
Central Bureau of Investigation
Plot No. 8, Sector 30-A
Chandigarh 160030

1-      Subject: Request for in-depth investigation in to the drug smuggling racket which has led to unknown, yet massive, number of deaths in the region. Verbal orders of the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court in CWP No. No 20359 of 2013 (O&M) refer.


My name is Shashi Kant. I am a retired I.P.S. Officer of Punjab cadre. I retired as Director General of Police. Throughout my carrier, I served in various responsible positions both in the Government of India and Government of Punjab.

I am also a Human Rights and an Anti Drug Activist, working for the cause for last about a decade. In 2013, The Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana had ordered me to assist the Hon’ble Court by way of giving recommendations to curb smuggling of drugs in the prisons of Punjab. While doing so, I had explained to the Hon’ble Court that this problem could not be solved till such time there was influx of drugs in the open society in Punjab because of which almost an entire generations is said to have been lost. It is most unfortunate that the real extent of drug menace in Punjab is not known because neither Central nor State Governments of Punjab have ever bothered to seriously study the magnitude of the problem through an in-depth study of good sample size. Whatever studies are available, are all lops sided and incomplete and were conducted either with a poor sample size or studied only one aspect of the problem.

On account of this reason,  in September 2013 itself, I had submitted a letter petition in the Hon’ble High Court Of Punjab and Haryana which was very graciously Suo Moto accepted as  PIL No 20359 of 2013 (O&M) by the DB headed by the then Hon’ble Chief justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. This petition is still going on and the CBI is also a party on one of the several aspects, that is extradition of some of the drug dons of Indian origin, now living abroad as their nationals or otherwise.

To put the perspective of this request right, I would like to bring to your kind notice that way back in 2007, in my capacity as the head of the Intelligence Wing of the Punjab police, in the rank of an Additional Director General, I had, with the help of my colleagues and staff of the Intelligence Wing of the Punjab Police, prepared a detailed list of top drug smugglers / dons of Punjab. This was a part of an elaborate exercise to list out the anti-social elements of the Punjab society, including black marketers, anti social elements, land grabbers etc. This particular list of major drug dons and their accomplices contained names not only of some senior politicians across the spectrum; including some sitting and former ministers, some sitting and former MLAs, other politicians, police officers of various ranks, some civil and other officers, civilians etc. This list was personally handed over by me, the same year, that is 2007 itself, to Mr. Parkash Singh Badal, the then as also the sitting Chief Minister of Punjab. Seeing and reading the list, he scoffed at me and that was the end of the matter. Later I was shunted out of the Intelligence Wing to several other postings, the last being that of Director General of Police, Prisons. It was in this position that I studied, in depth, the problem of drugs in the prisons of Punjab. This racket is still rampant and going on with the help and connivance of a number of politicians and officials; both of prisons and police. The entire well oiled racket is about an unholy nexus between some politicians, police and other officials, smugglers and peddlers etc.

The issue of this list prepared by the Intelligence Wing of Punjab police in 2007 containing the top rung names of those involved, directly or indirectly, in drug smuggling in Punjab has been coming to the fore again and again since year 2007 itself. It also came up sometimes either in 2013 or 1014 in the Court of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court when in open court, Government of Punjab made contradictory statements saying that; ‘the list was not available’, 'list was not on record’ and the top of it being that ‘the list has been tempered with’. This statement of the Government made in the open court, that is the Hon'ble DB No. 1, had made the very top lawyers who were present in the court, jump out of their seats. The eminent lawyers, who were present and raised the issue; included Mr. Anupam Gupta and Mr. Nav Kiran Singh.

In my various petitions being submitted in the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court, I have been referring to this list and seeking action / inquiry / investigation by your esteemed organization, under the close supervision of the Hon’ble High Court itself. During the last hearing held on, May 04, 2016, I had again requested for an inquiry into the entire gamut of drug smuggling; Opiates, pharmaceuticals, synthetics, designer and cocaine included; in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh (to which the scope of the PIL has since been extended to), by the C.B.I. The Hon’ble D.B. was pleased to verbally order me to approach the C.B.I. for a detailed inquiry investigation, which will be monitored by the Hon’ble Court themselves.

As such I hereby approach you to please take cognizance of my request and take further necessary action in the entire gamut of problem.

I hope for an early necessary action within your entire jurisdiction.


(Shashi Kant I.P.S. Retd.)
Former Director General of Police
# 1258, Sector 18-C
Mobile 08054433333
E-mail: shashi.kant.ips@gmail.com

Copy to;

2-      The Hon’ble Chief Justice of The Supreme Court of India humbly requesting that in light of his statements as appearing in media, expressing serious concern over the prevailing drug menace, this petition may very kindly be treated as a PIL and Suo Moto notice be taken thereof to save the Country and its future generations. I shall also be submitting a detailed note along with.

3-       Registrar, Hon;ble Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh for favour of information and necessary action, with ref to CWP No. No 20359 of 2013 (O&M).

4-      The Director Central Bureau of Investigation, Plot No. 5-B, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003. Drugs; Opiates, pharmaceuticals, synthetics, designer and cocaine etc; are eating into the very vitals of the entire country and leading to innumerable number of unknown deaths, infertility and physical / mental incapacitation. Drugs smuggling and its marketing is most vicious of criminal menace. All available studies and publications indicate that a powerful lobby including some politicians across the spectrum, some police / security and other officials, criminals and some so-called social figures are directly and indirectly involved therein. They are in fact murdering youth and other addicts. The entire gamut of drug smuggling requires an in-depth probe by the CBI; all over the country so that generations could be saved. Such a countrywide investigation also becomes an immediate must in view of the declaration and acknowledgement of the problem even by the Prime Minister of India, as indicated and expressed in his ‘Man Kee Baat’ which was broadcasted some months back.

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