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Letter to the PM ( Copy to National Security Adviser) of India on Drugs

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The Principal Secretary to The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
The Prime Minister’s Office,
South Block
New Delhi 110001

Subject: DRUG CRISIS IN INDIA; Need for the intervention of the Hon’ble PM of India

Reference your address to the nation in December 2015, through ‘Man Kee Baat’ about the ‘Drug Crisis’ in India.


A-     My background

i-                    My name is Shashi Kant, I.P.S. (retd.), a former police officer of the rank of the Director General of Police in Punjab. I have been working as a human rights and an anti drug activist, in Punjab, for several years now. I have also been assisting the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana in certain petitions regarding the inflow, utilization and addiction of drugs in this region. Several of my suggestions have been graciously accepted and are being implemented by the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court

ii-                  To keep the perspective right, I may kindly be permitted to give my brief background. I, Shashi Kant, a 1977 batch (RR), officer was borne on the strength of the Punjab cadre of the I.P.S. I have intense and in depth knowledge on a wide variety of subjects on account of my having worked in the State of Punjab, in various capacities and in various wings including field as also head quarter postings, including that of Deputy Inspector General and Inspector General of Police; Additional Director General of Police; intelligence, security, internal vigilance and operations; and then as Director General of Police; home guards, armed battalions and of prisons. I had also worked in the Government of India for a long time and served in intelligence agencies, Ministry of Home Affairs as also Ministry of External Affairs. I worked on a number of sensitive postings / assignments and carried out overt and covert operations as well, some of which were directly reported to the then Prime Ministers. I am a decorated officer who has been considered as a core intelligence officer, besides being also known as an ‘activist’ officer. I retired towards the end of June 1012. Since then I have been actively involved in ‘social and civil movements’, particularly against drugs.

iii-                It was during my posting as the Director General of Police (prisons) that I once again, (the first being in 2007 when I was posted as the head of intelligence wing of the Punjab police) saw and very closely studied the problem of drugs in Punjab, both in the open civil society and in the prison houses. I was shocked and moved by the magnitude there of and I decided to dedicate the remainder of my life to fight against the scourge of drugs and narcotics in the country, all facets thereof included, including the smuggling there of and de-addiction.

B-     Submissions;

i-                    Drugs are the biggest and one of the most serious of challenges before the country and needs to be crushed ruthlessly. Whereas the drug policy of the Government of India is full of loop holes, hardly any of the constituent States and Union Territories has any serious policy to combat it. Wherever such a policy exists, it is just on paper and is not being implemented in the right earnest. Despite the concern expressed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, in his Man Ki Baat, no action has been taken by any of the Governments.  Besides the direct involvement of a number of high profile Indians, at several places including Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and Upper Parbati region of Himachal the drug trade is being run by foreigners under the very nose of the governments and is fast becoming a grave threat to the national security as well.

ii-                  Common intoxicating / euphoric drugs which need to be controlled / curbed include;

-          Opiates (opium products / derivatives)
-          Cocaine
-          Psychotropic pharmaceuticals
-          Synthetic and designer drugs etc
-          Curbs also need to be strengthened on Hashish/ Marijuana/ Bhang and other similar ‘herbs’ besides
-          ‘Inhalants’ like thinner etc which are often being used by kids from slum areas as the first step ‘drugs’ before they become full-fledged addicts.

C-     Origin of drugs;

i-                    Of these, Opiates (Heroin / Smack) are primarily coming in from the ‘Golden Crescent’ consisting of Afghanistan and some areas of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. From Pakistan they are mostly being brought in through the Punjab border followed by areas falling in states of Rajasthan; though route from across J&K, Himachal, Gujarat and Mumbai besides the Nepal border are also being used. The Punjab route primarily opens in Delhi which is fast becoming a Drug Capital as well. From there the routes further cater to the ‘needs’ of the entire nation. Opiates, that are Heroin / Smack coming in, are for consumption within our entire country as also for further export to the United States and Europe besides Australia and other countries.

ii-                  The other major originating place for this category of contraband, that is Heroin, is The ‘Golden Triangle’ located in the area consisting of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia etc. Heroin is smuggled in, primarily through the North Eastern states and West Bengal. Drugs coming in through these routes are majorly for consumption in various states, primarily those in the North East, West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha etc besides the remainder of India as also it’s ‘export’ abroad.

iii-                Cocaine is being brought into the country by ‘couriers’ landing at various airports as also by way of sea. Most important of such ‘import centers’ include Mumbai, Delhi and Goa.

iv-                Psychotropic pharmaceuticals, Synthetic / Designer Drugs are being produced all over. Ingredients like Ephedrine and Pseudo Ephedrine are procured from various ‘pharmaceutical parks’ and other hubs manufacturing drugs at various places in the country  despite the fact that they are ‘controlled substances. Some of the latest of such designer drugs are also ‘imported’ directly on one pretext or the other and sold off on either false prescription in the black market.

D-    Availability in the country
All of them are almost freely available across the country, particularly all metropolitan towns.

E-     Effect on national economy
Unfortunately no statistics is available, in respect of the entire country, to indicate the quantum of drugs trade / drug addiction / deaths / incapacitation on their account.  The magnitude of entire trade is expected to be astronomical. This money is traded through hawala and illegal banking practices and is utilized for various purposes. It is a parallel economy running in the country and is further worsening the problem of ‘Black Money’ in the country and adversely affecting the economy of the country.

F-     Effect on Foreign Policy
The drug trade is also tarnishing the image of the country which has become one of the most important drug routes leading to several countries abroad, including the USA, Canada, Britain, the European Union and Australia etc.  I am not aware if this issue was ever raised in course of the successful visits of the Prime Minister abroad, but sooner or later it will be raised because these countries are quite restive about the issue of the drug trade into their territory and it may be a big embarrassment for the country and the Hon’ble Prime minister’s successful and effective foreign policy.

G-     Possible suggestions to combat the menace may include following;

i-                    Cutting the chain of supply and arrest of the drug lords / barons after identification thereof by the police with the help of the central agencies including the CBI and the Intelligence agencies.
ii-                  Identification of Government officials, including police and security services, besides several other departments, who are conniving with the drug lords / barons/ smugglers; their summary dismissal under article 311 of the Constitution of India and then summary trials by the courts of law.
iii-                De addiction of addicts by the health department.
iv-                Their 'settlement' (job wise) by various ministries.
v-                  Amending the legal provisions for removal of stigma attached with the word addiction. Addiction is just a disease and can be cured. Its declaration as ‘disease’ will bring in the Indian Medical Council and the medical fraternity in a big way. A lot many national and international agencies which provide donations for medical causes may also be able to help the addicts.
vi-                Counseling of the family members as also of the addict by health dept.
vii-              Creating awareness in the society on the issue of drugs by all ministries.
viii-            Induction of a syllabus on drugs by the education departments. The syllabus for various age groups needs to be prepared by the education department with the help of psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists
ix-                Similar education program for the parents to recognize the signs of drug addiction among kids, even from the primary stage and education as to how to 'handle' the kids
x-                  Adequate sports activities among youth
xi-                Carrier counseling for children and youth of various age groups
xii-              Trying to improve employment opportunities to the extent possible

H-    Prayer

1-     Through this petition, I beg to draw the attention of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India towards the pathetic state of affairs in the entire country on account of open and easy availability of drugs because of which generations are either being lost or are getting incapacitated in more than one ways.

2-     The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, himself is aware of the hopeless situation across the country where drugs business continues to thrive on account of the involvement / unholy nexus between some politicians, some officials of the security forces including police and some other segments of the society / officialdom.

3-     The Hon’ble Prime Minister himself known as a crusader against drugs and has been expressing himself strongly on the issue.

4-     The petitioner is enclosing herewith information which is available on the net and indicates that the entire country is flooded and affected by drugs. It is humbly requested that the Drug situation needs to be centrally monitored and suitable / uniform instructions need to be issued to all Union and all State Governments to take action as per a uniform ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ to crush the unholy drug nexus operation in the country.

5-     The petitioner has immense knowledge on the subject and is prepared to assist in any desired way to bring an end to the prevailing and continuing NARCO POLITICS AND NARCO TERRORISM in the country.

6-     Information available on the net indicating that the entire country is flooded and affected by drugs, is enclosed for favour of perusal.

(Shashi Kant)
Chandigarh, July 9, 2016
#1258, Sector 18-C
Mobile; 8054433333

Copy to The NSA to the Hon’ble P.M. of India with humble request that this issue may kindly be taken up earnestly in the ultimate National Interest

(Shashi Kant)

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