Wednesday, 9 November 2016



Prime Minister Modi's surgical strikes on Pakistan had indeed failed to shock Pakistan or even the world community, India included. But his surgical strike (November 8, 2016) on the black money has indeed shaken the entire country, all segments included. Surgical strikes on Pakistan had expectedly only led to the increase in our cold war with China and renewed commencement of a low intensity warfare from Pakistan which is being matched with by India. 

It is about time to study the impact of his surgical strike on black money within the country. The National Government of our country had indeed miserably failed on its ‘Jumla baji’ of promise to bring the black money stashed abroad, particularly the massive amounts lying in the coffers of the Swiss banks and other banks located in the USA, Europe and even in some small island republics. The Government failed miserable on this promise. It was also failing on almost each of other fronts as well; both on the front of the international diplomacy as also on sundry domestic fronts. Some master stroke was indeed expected. People had also failed to gauge the purport and importance of successive warnings by the government about time bound declaration of black money by people.

I remember the time when last night, Prime Minister's address to the nation had just started. The electronic media had gone into a kind of frenzy about the sudden information given to them about the Prime Ministers address in the prime time. A lot of people had started listening to it but then tuned in to their favourite channels thinking that it was yet another of his gaseous speeches.

But they were not to realise that yesterday he was there to take out the gasses out of the breath of the masses. A masterstroke it was. A facade was created in the form of a highly publicised meeting with the chiefs of all the three wings of the armed forces and the National Security Advisers.

It was followed by a cabinet meeting during the day. Thereafter was to come the sudden declaration that the Prime minister was to address the nation. In view of the cold war with China and the low intensity warfare with Pakistan, speculation went rife that it his address to the nation was to have something about these two rogue countries.

But man, hats off to the Prime Minister. The delivered the much needed and long overdue death blow on the black money circulating with in the country and it was in a way which was to reek of mystery, intrigue, suspense, romanticism etc; all nicely kneaded into one in a style which is the forte of Ajit Doval, the NSA...the banks had closed down by that time, the stock market had also got wound up for the day, shops were about to close down generally, if not already closed down. Then bank holiday, the next day. ATMs closed for next two days. High currency notes demonetised within a few hours of declaration, currency notes of lower denominations not to be seen anywhere. Panic amongst the hoarders of black money. Worry writ large on the faces of those who did not have smaller denominations, long queues at petrol pumps and ATMs, worry writ large on the faces of the labour class who were rightly worrying about their meals the very next day.

The entire country in chaos

But, again, a much needed and timely step

Blow dealt with precision and delivered right on target

Salute to both gentlemen... be continued (impact on masses and politics)

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