Wednesday, 9 November 2016



In light humour: A day in post surgical strike Modi Raj

This day of November 9, 2016, started with a bit of humor, a bit of laughter and a bit of anxiety. A couple of few thousand rupees worth of useless money was lying between me and my wife. It was in high denomination notes which were scrapped last night by our Prime Minister. We had just one, hundred rupee note which I had photographed and flashed proudly on the whatsapp last night. I was a proud owner of a hitherto condemned one hundred rupee note. We did not know how to manage with banks being shut and ATMs closed for next two days and we did not want to spend this particular proud possession.

The first one to ask for money, and that too right in the morning was the milk vendor. His payments are weekly. It was awkward asking him to take his payment a few days later. He just grimaced but left without saying anything. Then came up the problem of getting bread and some eggs for the breakfast; because the cook told us that the vendor had refused to accept money as also to give credit and we did not have any smaller denomination note. So we had no option but to settle for lovely overstuffed ‘aaloo ka patantha’… Lol

Later in the day, around noon, came up the event for which we always wait rather impatiently. Today was the day when our tenant pays up the monthly rent. Today for the first time, he came up on his own but we grimaced when he gave us five hundred rupee notes. Full of disgust, we returned them back to him with folded hands requesting that he can pay us a few days later but in hundred rupee notes. At this he too made a face and went away. Perhaps he wanted to dispose of those worthless pieces of green back Gandhis.

I had to ring up my lawyer asking him about the procedure of getting bail. I have some maliciously fabricated so called ‘defamation’ cases going against me and I had to seek bail in one of them. My lawyer asked me to get some surety but hardly anyone is ready to stand by me because of the fear of the government, the Punjab police and the mighty drug lords of Punjab. I have not been able to gauge the reasons for the hostility of the Punjab government and Punjab police against me. In the absence of the surety, the next way is to deposit cash surety but it has to be in either in one hundred rupee notes or in new, yet to be released currency. My lawyer told me that my check was not likely to be accepted. Yeh to problem hai bhai jee…


A bit later, my wife had to go somewhere and her car refused to start. A mechanic was called who said that the car battery was to be changed, but there was no money for that either. In the mean time the guy who had gone to deposit the electricity and water bills in the municipal office also returned saying that they had refused to take the cash payment with five hundred rupee notes. Arguments that government installations were supposed to accept the notes till eleventh fell on their deaf ears. Now the bill will have to be paid through check after a few days with the surcharge / late fee charges. Arguments had continued past five and now office was to get closed.  Damn it.

Things were to go on like this but we then geared up. Whatever rations are at home are being used. Our helpers including the maid servant have been kind enough to lend us some hundred rupee notes and some ‘chillar’ and we are fine for the remainder of the day.

Kal kee kal dekhenge….

Reminds me of song from a movie…

Thoda hai, thoday kee zaroorat hai….

For now life is blissful in “thoda”

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